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Tardy Policy

BCCCA Tardy Policy


A 1-minute warning bell will ring prior to the start of each instructional block. 


Any student not in class by the second bell that signifies the beginning of class, is considered “tardy unexcused” unless he/she has a note from the office, or another teacher.


For 1st block and 3rd block – students are not to be permitted into class late without a check-in slip from the front office.  If a student is not in the classroom when the final bell rings at 8:40am, they should be sent up front to check in.


4 tardies = break detention to be served in the Main Office

5 tardies = break detention to be served in the Main Office; phone call home to parents.

6+ tardies = ISS for each day tardy to school


For 2nd and 4th blocks – teachers should mark any student not in class “tardy unexcused” in Power School.  The teacher will determine the appropriate consequence for persistent tardies to class.  An office referral may become necessary if the student is habitually tardy.


Incentives will be given for students who have NO UNEXCUSED TARDIES each 9 weeks